Spend COjacks. Save Dollars.

COjacks are a local currency for the businesses and people of Colorado.  They encourage local spending, reduce dependency on interest bearing credit, and – at scale – will protect the environment and people of Colorado from ecological and financial crisis.  Read more.

Businesses who commit to accept at least ten percent of any purchase in COjacks may purchase the currency at half of face value.  This commitment to accept COjacks backs the currency with the goods and services of Colorado companies.  COjacks are not issued arbitrarily, are not volatile, are not anonymous, and leave no room for market speculation.

How COjacks are Issued
Member Type Acceptance
For Referral of
Business Member
Pro Business 30% $1:Cj3 Cj100
Basic Business 10% $1:Cj2 Cj100
Colorado Resident - $4:Cj5 Cj100

This currency puts more money in the hands of makers and doers, and its limited circulation means that it will continue to guide business back to those supporting the effort.  Read more.

Why do we need COjacks?

Business Benefits

  • Additional Operating Capital without Debt or Interest
  • Exposure to a wide range of customers more interested in developing relationships
  • An incentive for existing clients to stay close

Individual Benefits

  • A little extra cash for spending with businesses more focused on niche than mass production
  • A more robust and resilient community
  • More opportunities to spend according to your values, rather than immediate need

Community Benefits

Not right away, but with a little scale, COjacks stands to give local businesses some key advantages over big box, impersonal, and predatory enterprises.  With time this type of economic initiative can:

  • Bolster cottage industry and fine craft production
  • Rebuild a broken agricultural infrastucture
  • Decrease income disparity
  • Decrease oil dependency