Brok McFerron

Brok McFerron - cofounder

Brok's interest in complementary currencies started with a few profound discussions with Arthur Brock, Adam Brock, and reading Charles Eisenstein's book Sacred Economics.  Brok is a serial entrepreneur and has started a garden product company, and a real estate investment and development firm which he still manages part-time. ����������Brok previously worked on Wall Street for Lehman Brothers.  Brok has a Computer Science degree from MIT.
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Deacon Rodda

Deacon Rodda - cofounder

Deacon is known for his ability to write mini-profiles on business websites.
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Chris Saenz

Chris Saenz - representative

Chris is a person who represents COjacks.
(434) 987-4755

Jasmine Zion

Jasmine Zion - office manager

Jasmine is a student of community design and protection. Officially.
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