Individual Members

You don’t have to own a business to become a member of the COjacks network.

COjacks individual members are residents of Colorado who support local currency and would like to keep their money here. Individual members don’t sign a contract and may accept COjacks for their services however they choose. Individual members may purchase a limited number of COjacks at the rate of four dollars for five COjacks. For information on how to benefit from COjacks individual membership contact: Deacon

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Matt Gettleman – Business Consulting!

Caroline Savery
Co-operative business development consultant, moonlighting as filmmaker, writer, musician and general dandy.

Carpentry & Woodcraft

Aaron Schwartz – Finishing/Re-finishing work.

Bret Stensland – Carpenter

Clothing & Accessories

Varinia Rodriguez – Varinia makes bow ties. Bow ties are cool.


Kyle Bayens – NRA Pistol Instructor

The CHEESE Himself, Daniel Mario Lefter Jr. – Poi Instructor

Sam Nanfito – Yoga Instructor
Sam holds 300+ hours of instructor training including Corepower levels 1&2 certifications. He teaches Vinyasa, Flow, Power Vinyasa, and is significantly influenced by Anusara. He has trained under Lisa Richardson – locally, as well as Desi Springer, John Friend, Shiva Rea, and Seane Corn.

King Lexie – Yoga Instructor | Coach
(720) 235-7571

Food – Cooking

David Lawrence – David is a chef trained in traditional Indian cuisine. He is available to cater weddings and other events, as well as for private instruction, and personal chef services.

Food – Growing

Judith Moran – Garden and Homestead Consultant –

Offering consulting and coaching in backyard food production, edible landscaping, pruning and maintenance of fruit trees, soil building and compost, rain gardens, tending honey bees without chemicals, seed saving and permaculture design.

Kylie Manson – Farmer

Les Canges – Permaculture Gardener


John Pachar – Terrariums, Aeriums, Planters

Massage Therapy

Jonas Jaeger – Massage Therapist (also a photographer)

Josh Erickson – Massage Therapy | Individual Yoga Lessons

Tabitha Sheely – Massage Therapist
(720) 785-3885


Ahmad J.P. Sawalmeh – Ahmad is a forward thinking pioneer in Denver’s music scene. His work as an emcee, and tenor saxophonist, serve to further his message of sustainability, and global citizenship
World Citizens Profile>

What A Racket – musician: multi-instrumentalist, various genres.


Roshan Bliss – Student Organizer

Terese Howard – Organizer

Social Work

Marie Heaton

I advocate for children.

COjacks Supporters

Andrea J. Morgan | Andrew Little | Arthur Brock | Bailey Todd | Chris Riti | Crystal Niedzwiadek | Eleanor Maren Dewey | Johnny Sengelmann | Melanie Jacobs | Nicole Danielle Suazo | Sara King | Sarah Wells | Sharona Thompson | Sven Ceelen | Zion Jasmine

Tattoo & Piercing

Liz Greeen – Tattoo Artist & Universal Sidekick

Vacation Rentals

Jeff Cole – Manager

(404) 771-2106

Will accept 50% payment in COjacks for cabin rental!


Visual Artists

Daniel Lowenstein – Artist


Eric Peterson
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Hannah Haddadi -Hannah is working to establish herself as a writer. She hosts the open mic at Backstage Coffee the first Monday of every month, where also spits poetry, or something.

Owen R. – copy editor, copywriter.